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Omega - QM951 Oyster/Cashew

Omega - QM951 Oyster/Cashew

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  • Collection: Omega
  • Design: QM951
  • Colour: Oyster/Cashew
  • Material: Wool/Silk
  • Construction: Hand Knotted
  • Origin: India





 An area rug is often the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to completing your home. Rugs are a great way to add a splash of colour to a room or add some needed texture, both adding comfort and warmth to a space. They can be used to accentuate a piece of furniture such as a dining set or pull together an entire living room. We are inspired by everything from rock formations off the coast of Tofino to red carpet couture to curate our exclusive rug design. Our designers then explore many differing textures, tones and patterns to perfect each area rugs unique look.


 Our hand knotted rugs are created with quality yarns such as refined Himalayan wool collected from sheep in the highlands of Nepal. Nepalese wool is renowned for its high levels of Lanolin which makes it highly durable and repellent of dirt. Silk or even bamboo silk can also be added to enhance the texture and create an illuminating effect, as shown with our popular luminous II design.





Hand knotting has been done for 1000’s of years, originally to weave blankets to help stay warm, now to create stunning works of art we use everyday. The hand knotting process today is unchanged, it is still strands of yarn tied into knots around wool or cotton warps and weft, holding it in place, repeated as much as 1 million knots to make a good quality 9x12 rug. These Artisan weavers pass down there immense skill from person to person, Jordans is now working with its 4th generation of skilled weavers.







Once the rug has been taken off the loom, it goes though a 3 to 4 week finishing stage where it is given many vigorous washes, dried under the Indian sun and carved by precise hand to highlight the design, pile sorting, binding, and lastly fringe treatment. Now after 7 to 12 months (depending on quality) this fine work of art is ready for your home. Every rug goes through a range of quality inspections, looking for consistency in size, yarn quality, pile height and shearing. An array of washing techniques are used, each of which achieves a different look.



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