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David Jordan-Knox President Jordans Group | Jordan's Flooring
David Jordan-Knox

President: Jordans Group

David is part of the third generation of Jordans' family members, he grew up immersed in the family’s furniture and flooring business. Since joining Jordans over 54 years ago, he has experienced many aspects of this diversified company. From showroom maintenance to sales then Store Management and onwards to Senior Management of the various Jordans Companies, David has done it all. As the current President, he has helped guide the success of the Jordans Group over the past 39 years. His passion now extends to his enjoyment of a unique Gulf Islands recreational property that garners an ever increasing amount of his time and energy.

Craig Jordan-Knox Senior Vice President Jordans Group | Jordan's Flooring
Craig Jordan-Knox

Senior Vice President: Jordans Group

Craig is part of the third generation of family members, joining the Flooring Division in the early 1970s. Carpet and sheet vinyl were the desired flooring choices in the pre-millennial years, with even a brief foray into carpeted kitchens! Craig worked most positions within flooring and was eventually promoted to managing the “Carpeteria” Division -  an aggressively priced warehouse sales operation. This division eventually grew into our Jordans Flooring Outlets with large stock of on hand inventory, featuring truckload container purchases. Craig has enjoyed traveling the world on behalf of Jordans, landing in Europe, Asia and Africa, securing exclusive flooring and area rugs. Craig’s personal time is spent working on his family farm, harvesting blueberries, numerous fruits and organic produce, much of which is donated to the local food banks.

Quinn Jordan-Knox Vice President Jordans Group | Jordan's Flooring
Quinn Jordan-Knox

Vice President: Jordans Group

Quinn is part of the fourth generation of Jordans family members working in the business. He started at Jordans in his mid teen years working in various flooring and furniture stores in a wide variety of support roles from maintenance, merchandising, warehousing and deliveries. In the mid 90’s, Quinn took a sabbatical from Jordans to attend Simon Fraser University where he received a diverse and comprehensive education in complex problem solving within the Sciences, Business and Arts. In 2003, Quinn finished his MSc thesis on the complex interactions between groundwater and rivers in Squamish, BC and began a career as a Hydrogeologist and Professional Geoscientist  (P.Geo). Working for various environmental consulting companies and government agencies, he had the opportunity to work on many projects across Canada from the Giant Mine reclamation project in the Northwest Territories, fiber optic surveys along the BC coast , to winter drilling projects in northern Ontario. The height of Quinn’s environmental career was helping manage a water exploration and management company in Lusaka, Zambia, which required practical problem solving with significant social and physical resource constraints. After returning to Canada, Quinn rejoined Jordans in 2005 and his family business roots with a focus on helping the Jordans furniture brands, Jordans Interiors and Jordans Casual Home. Since then, he has been involved in the successful implementation of a company wide ERP system, construction of three new buildings/stores and renovation of many more, rebranding of Casual Home to Jordans Home stores, developing of new supply chains and sources around the world, and many other corporate activities. Quinn currently leads the Jordans Furniture brands (Jordans Interiors, Jordans Home, Furniture Outlet) as Vice President and Buyer. Quinn enjoys many outdoor sports and endurance racing and still tries to fit triathlons, skiing, and surfing adventures into his family’s busy life.

Michael Jordan-Knox VP Jordans Group | Jordan's Flooring
Michael Jordan-Knox

Vice President: Jordans Group

Part of the fourth generation in the Jordans family business, Michael has always had flooring and furnishings “in his blood”.  After graduating with a B.Sc. (Honours) from Simon Fraser University, he started at Jordans as a Sales Assistant in 2003 and developed a passion for flooring and interiors by working in many different sales and management roles before becoming a Vice President in 2013.  Michael is a long-suffering Vancouver Canucks fan and enjoys cycling and spending time with his family and dog, George.

Ludmila Podymova Controller 2023
Ludmilla Podymova

Controller: Jordans Group

Ludmila joined Jordans as the Controller In March 2023, bringing with her a wealth of experience from her previous role at the Ashley Home Store chain in BC, where she immersed herself in the dynamic world of furniture and rugs. Prior to that, from 2006 to 2020, Ludmila served as the Controller at the European Jewelry chain in Toronto. However, her passion for the mountains and the ocean prompted a move to Vancouver at the first opportunity. A seasoned snowboarder, Ludmila's favourite destination is, of course, Whistler.

Ludmila holds an impressive academic background, earning a B.Eng (Honours) in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Shipbuilding in Ukraine and a B.Ed degree from Odessa State University. She has been a CPA, CGA designated accountant since 2008.

Greg Miller General Manager | Jordan's Flooring
Greg Miller

General Manager: Jordans Flooring

Greg has been with Jordans since 2017 but has more than 26 years in flooring.  Before Jordans, Greg was with Goodfellow Inc, a National Distributor for Flooring/Building Materials in Canada for over 20 years and held many positions including General Manager of the BC Operation.

Greg also has many years of volunteer experience including 28 years with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR) organization, where he also served on the Board of Governors for RCM-SAR for 9 years, including holding the position of Chairperson.  Greg also sat on the Board for the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary National organization for 4 years and held the position of President.   Locally, he served on the board of the Delta Gymnastic Society for 6 years and was Board President for his last 2 years.

Greg is passionate about volunteering in his community and giving back. “The vast experience within the people you meet while volunteering has always brought immense value to my day job while creating lifelong friends. You cannot ask for more than that.”

Ken Reid Senior Manager Marketing and Merchandising Jordans Interiors | Jordan's Flooring
Ken Reid

Senior Manager Marketing and Merchandising: Jordans Interiors

Ken started working at Jordans in 2001 as a Store Manager, bringing his love of Area Rugs to the company. Just a few years later, he became our Area Rug Purchaser, which allowed him the opportunity to travel to India, Pakistan and Nepal to find the best that the world had to offer. In 2019, Ken accepted the added position of Jordans Interiors Buyer to his portfolio and has always been a strong presence within our Marketing Team. His busy family life, along with all things sports, keeps him hopping in his free time.

Gary Bradbury Product and Inventory Manager | Jordan's Flooring
Gary Bradbury

Product and Inventory Manager: Jordans Flooring

Gary has been with Jordans for the past 26 years, but well before that he worked as a store assistant while still in high school. He started his career with Jordans as a Sales Associate, then Manager and Regional Manager and has just taken over his current position as Product and Inventory Manager. He enjoys the fast-paced environment and has felt very lucky to have worked with some amazing people along the way.

Ray Vereschagin Senior Manager Credit and Operations Jordans Group | Jordan's Flooring
Ray Vereschagin

Senior Manager Credit Operations: Jordans Group

Ray began his journey in the flooring business shortly after high school and has almost reached 40 years in the industry. He has worked in every position, starting as a shipper/receiver. Several Sales and Management positions have followed along the way. Ray moved into his current position this past year, after serving 26 years with Jordans. When not at work, he enjoys spending time outdoors with family and ticking off boxes on his travel bucket list.

Brian Burke Sales Manager Retail Flooring Stores | Jordan's Flooring
Brian Burke

Sales Manager: Retail Flooring Stores

Brian is the Retail Sales Manager for Jordans Flooring. Brian believes in coaching the Jordans sales team to always go above and beyond when servicing customers. When not at work, you will find Brian enjoying a walk or bike ride around the historic fishing village of Steveston B.C

Nick Donschenko Sales Manager Outlet Flooring Stores | Jordan's Flooring
Nick Donshenko

Sales Manager: Outlet Flooring Stores

With a background in staff training and sales, Nick joined Jordans as a Store Manager with a focus on customer service excellence. Working his way up to Sales Manager of our Outlet locations, he is growing our staff and improving our customer's experience. When he is not working, you will often find him walking his dog, at the gym or playing video games with friends.

Curtis Penn Merchandising and Brands Manager Jordans Interiors | Jordan's Flooring
Curtis Penn

Merchandising and Brands Manager: Jordans Interiors

Curtis Penn, a dedicated professional with a passion for sales, design, and brand management, embarked on his journey with Jordans in 2009. Originally hailing from the vibrant state of Florida, Curtis seamlessly transitioned into the company and swiftly established himself as a sales powerhouse, claiming the top sales title in his inaugural year—a position he maintained for numerous successful years.

Curtis's relentless commitment to excellence led to his ascent within the company. From Sales Supervisor to the esteemed role of manager at the Broadway location, Curtis showcased leadership and sales acumen that set new standards for the team.

In 2021, Curtis Penn was appointed to the pivotal role of Merchandising and Brand Manager, a testament to his wealth of experience as a buyer and his keen eye for design. His strategic approach to merchandising and brand development has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's image and product offerings.

With a proven track record of success, Curtis combines his sales expertise with a keen understanding of market trends, ensuring Jordans remains at the forefront of the industry. His dynamic leadership, coupled with his creative insights, continues to drive the company's growth and elevate its position in the market.

Beyond the boardroom, Curtis is recognized for his commitment to fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. His passion for the industry is not just a profession but a lifestyle, reflecting in his dedication to creating memorable customer experiences and a brand that resonates with authenticity.

Join Curtis Penn and the Jordans team on the journey to unparalleled success, where innovation meets expertise, and every endeavor is a step towards a brighter, more stylish future.


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