Vinyl & Rigid Core FAQ

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What is luxury vinyl flooring?

A far cry from traditional sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl is a plasticized, flexible vinyl that is comprised of a high-quality vinyl core, print film, and a wear layer. Unlike rolls, luxury vinyl is offered in luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile formats with glue-down and click-lock options. Luxury vinyl offers tremendous moisture resistance due to the inherent nature of vinyl, with many options warranted for waterproof installation and enhanced scratch and stain protection.

What is luxury vinyl plank?

To mimic the most popular hardwood flooring styles, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are long, narrow planks of vinyl that are thicker and more rigid than sheet vinyl, making them more durable and scratch-resistant. Most luxury vinyl planks are composed of thick PVC with a design layer that gives planks an authentic hardwood visual. This design layer features realistic tones and textures that capture a range from light wood to charcoal and midnight black.

What is luxury vinyl tile?

To mimic stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is constructed with a thick vinyl layer that makes it more durable and rigid than sheet vinyl, as well as a design layer that provides incredibly realistic stone striations and veining. Since LVT doesn’t require the level subfloor or grout work that traditional tile or stone does, installing and maintaining luxury vinyl tile is much easier!

Is luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?

Vinyl is a naturally waterproof material, and waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is defined by the product warranty. Waterproof LVP and LVT products feature locking mechanisms that are engineered to withstand and lock out topical water penetration at the joints and will not allow water to permeate or penetrate through the top or the bottom surface. Warranted wood-plastic composite (WPC) or solid polymer core (SPC) luxury vinyl constructions will provide the ultimate waterproof protection.

Does luxury vinyl flooring come with an attached pad?

Many luxury vinyl products feature an attached underlayment with benefits such as noise reduction, moisture barrier, mold inhibitor, greater comfort, and longer performance. Underlayment types can vary between luxury vinyl products, so match the qualities of the attached pad to your household needs. If your luxury vinyl flooring does not feature attached padding, it is highly recommended to purchase quality underlayment.

What are the best luxury vinyl care and maintenance steps?

Luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly low maintenance. Daily or frequent sweeping will remove tracked-in dust and debris. Use a sponge mop and water once a week to remove any spots and a pH-neutral cleaner if needed. You can efficiently deep clean your luxury vinyl flooring by wet mopping whenever you prefer. We also highly recommend using felt pads and rugs to minimize the impact of heavy furniture and household activity.

How do I clean spills on my luxury vinyl?

Perfect for homes with kids and pets where frequent spills and accidents can occur, you can simply wipe up most spills on luxury vinyl when they happen and use a pH-neutral cleaner to remove dried spills. You do not need any steam cleanings, a vacuum, brushes, steel wool, or ammonia cleaners: Use a soft nylon brush, a manufacturer-approved cleaner, and water to treat spots and stains.

How long does luxury vinyl flooring last?

With proper installation and maintenance, your luxury vinyl flooring can last from 10 years up to 25 years in normal household conditions. The product warranty of luxury vinyl flooring can vary widely among products, and longer warranties will cost more to purchase. High-quality underlayment will help your luxury vinyl floors to resist wear longer and enhance performance.


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