Area Rug Pads

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Area Rug Pads | Jordan's Flooring

Area Rug Pads For Your Home

Area rug pads go beneath your area rug and help to keep it in place. Acting as both additional padding and a means of securing your rug, rug pads can help to prolong the lifespan of your rug while protecting the flooring beneath. 

Other benefits of area rug pads include the following:

  • Add cushioning to your rug, creating a more pleasurable and safe walking experience. 
  • Prevent area rug movement, ensuring that your flooring beneath the rug ages well. 
  • It comes with varying warranties and guarantees.  
Area Rug Pads | Jordan's Flooring
Area rug pad | Jordan's Flooring

Jordans Slip-Guard

This environmentally-friendly rug pad offers superior gripping power in a pad that can be used on all hard floors. The Jordans Slip-Guard pad will help to keep your rug secure while preventing slipping and adding additional comfort underfoot. It also comes with a 10-year warranty!

Jordans Platinum Slide-Stop

The Jordans Platinum Slide-Stop will help to keep your rug secure while promoting an easier vacuuming process. With its environmentally friendly construction and additional comfort underfoot, we think you'll love this rug pad!


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