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Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams - Basalt Blue

Desert Dreams - Basalt Blue

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Product Details

  • Collection: Desert Dreams
  • Design: 52008-7272
  • Colour: Basalt Blue
  • Material: Olefin/Polyester
  • Construction: Machine Made
  • Thickness: 7/16inch(11mm)
  • Origin: Belgium


Desert Dreams rugs are power loomed to the highest standards in Belgium. Featuring re-workings of classical rug designs with erased areas to give a vintage feel and contemporary abstract patterns all woven in shades of indigo blues, soft stone grey's and accents of antique gold.

The dense 11 mm thick pile is further enhanced with intricate, structured relief creating areas of high and low pile, boasting an impressive 1,000.000 points per square metre.

Desert Dreams is suitable for use in the most demanding areas throughout the home, the sides of each rug is machine over locked in matching yarns and ends are folded and glued to ensure a neat finish. This rugs is perfect for families with pets and children.

The pile yarn consists of 55% polyester and 45% olfin, producing a luxurious lustre to the surface of each rug that works perfectly with the organic abstracts and vintage, distressed designs.

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