Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

Luxury Vinyl plank

Benefits of Vinyl Planks & Tiles


Waterproof: Vinyl plank and tile use a technology that locks together, giving it the same – durability, warmth and water resistance as sheet vinyl – with the added benefit of a quick and easy installation.

Installation: Many vinyl plank and tiles feature a locking mechanism on the edges of the boards which allows the flooring to be ‘clicked’ together. This allows them to be laid over the top of an underlay without the need to glue the individual tiles down. This makes Vinyl plank and tiles simple and quick to install – great for a DIY installation.

Great for every room: Vinyl planks/tile are laid over underlay or glue-down, they are fully waterproof, which makes them a great, safe choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl Click floors lock together tightly, to prevent any water from seeping through to the underfloor.

Style: Vinyl Plank and Tiles come in a huge selection of designs. The surface of Vinyl Plank/Tile floors is covered with an ultra-realistic photographic layer, which can replicate any flooring material you can think of. Because of this, your Vinyl floor can look like dark wood, light stone or anything else in between. Luxury Vinyl really is the interior designer’s dream floor. The technology of Vinyl has come along way. New Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile are hard and robust, often with detailed surface texture and very high quality visual designs.

Maintenance: Vinyl floors are some of the easiest floors to clean. It is completely waterproof, which means there’s no problem using a wet mop to thoroughly cut through any dirt which might have built up. After time, your vinyl floor might start to dull as the finish gets worn away, but don’t worry, it’s easy to reapply the finish to bring back that tough, protective layer.
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