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Carpet is the finishing touch to your home, it adds textural detail, whilst adding tone or pattern your room. 
Your carpet needs careful consideration as it needs to meet different requirements of a room both practical and decorative.  It can be used to add warmth through colour or a luxurious pile or it may need to be hard-wearing and easy to clean.
  • Colours & Textures - Carpet is available in a wide array of colors and textures to suit all décors. Comfort - Carpet is soft and warm underfoot.
  • Insulation - Carpet provides a comfortable thermal indoor environment due to its insulating properties.
  • Resilient - Carpet doesn't crack or scratch.
  • Quiet - Carpet creates a quiet indoor environment as it absorbs sounds and reduces household noises produced by footsteps, items dropped on the floor and chair legs scraped across a floor.
  • Safe - Carpet provides a safe and sure footing surface as it is not slippery and provides a soft landing in case of falls.
  • Less Dust - Contrary to popular belief, carpet actually traps dust and prevents it becoming airborne, allowing you to breathe easy.

Wool Mix Carpets

wool carpet sheep

Wool carpet is the premium fiber choice for your home.

They have a natural, soft and luxurious feel. The long lasting beauty and superior characteristics of wool carpet will enhance your home for years to come.

Wool carpets clean better, making stain protection unnecessary.  Wool has significantly better soil release than any other fiber.

The wool fiber is naturally curly, and it has more crush resistance than any other fiber. Wool carpet fibers recover from crushing better than any other carpet fibers.

Wool carpet's natural properties help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Godfrey Hirst is one of the largest wool carpet manufacturers in the world, and provide an exceptional selection of value priced wool carpets.

Environmentally sound, wool is produced from a totally renewable resource – grass – that is shorn from Sheep every 9 – 12 months.

Wool carpets are naturally flame retardant because of its high protein content. If ignited, wool only burns weakly, limiting the spread of the flame.

Wool carpet naturally improves the indoor air quality of your home. It stabilizes relative humidity by absorbing or releasing moisture during periods of high or low atmospheric humidity. If well maintained, it absorbs and neutralizes airborne particles and fumes.

Man-Made Carpet

Man-made carpets look great and hard-wearing. If you have young children or pets and therefore require high-performance living room carpet, a man-made blend is ideal. It can cope with heavy footfall, dirt, and spillages.Mohawk’s SmartStrand® carpets are particularly hard working: they eliminate pet odours in the carpet fibers by repelling moisture and also resist stains.STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet features built-in stain protection against even the most beastly pet stains. This pet-friendly carpet is colour safe and fade resistant, when accidents happen, you can clean them thoroughly without worry.
The best way to form a clear idea of any living room carpet is to visit a showroom. You can examine the colour and texture of carpet samples and receive expert advice.
The Importance of Underlay
The key to making the most of your living room carpet and prolonging its life is to use underlay. It supports the whole carpet, helping to guard against indentations caused by bulky furniture such as sofas, as well as promoting even wear.
What’s more, underlay provides a layer of padding that makes the carpet more comfortable underfoot and provides extra insulation for your home.