Room Visualizer with Roomvo

Now you can see how an Area Rug or Hardwood flooring will look in a virtual room setting! Upload your own photo to see our products in your own room, or choose one of our sample rooms to get started right away. With unprecedented realism and ease of use, browse and view the products you’re interested in the context of your home (or sample room) with the click of a button.

We understand selecting a floor is a huge time and financial investment. We would rather you not end up with a floor you’re dissatisfied with, so our Roomvo Flooring Visualizer helps customers make more confident purchase decisions.

How Easy Is It To Use?

  • Works on either Mobile Devices or Desktop Computers
  • No App to Download
  • No Instructions Needed (it’s that easy!)

Learn more about the service here on RoomVo’s website.