Textra Plus - Praline

Zipperlock® Technology

Yarn that is regularly found in loop pile carpet is tufted with a straight stitch that may unravel and fray over time. Our Zipperlock® technology allows our carpets to be tufted with an interlocking stitch to prevent unraveling providing the long lasting beauty of your carpet.

Stain Proof

No Exceptions™ Perfecting the balance between dye technology and understanding a fiber’s construction, our carpets feature a Stain Proof – No Exceptions™ warranty. Most spills can be easily removed through gentle blotting allowing your carpet to remain beautiful in spite of life’s little mishaps.


This carpet features continuous filaments yarns locked into a unique duo-bond backing. The FuzzFree system gives this carpet superior resistance to abnormal pilling, fuzzing and shedding.


This carpet features permanently conductive fibers and will not generate a static shock exceeding industry standard at a relative humidity of 20% and a room temperature of 21o C

 Price for outside Lower Mainland may vary
All flooring measurements are in Square Feet.